Community Engagement Services

Our work combines compelling communications with an ability to develop accessible, informative educational materials. Miller Urban Consulting team members have experience with the public engagement process from design through implementation. We listen, learn, and help you grow a base of support based on clear information design, targeted public outreach,and key stakeholder engagement. Our goal is not to simply convey information, but to empower communities as active participants in their own development.

Our methods for engagement include:

  • Charrettes – we have experience organizing conducting charrettes for groups ranging from elementary school to senior citizens.
  • Workshops and Training Seminars – we have organized and conducted workshops on urban design, transportation, affordable housing, comprehensive master planning, among other topics.
  • Qualitative Research Methods – we conduct focus groups and bring you the facts about your supporters and the crucial messages that will get them paying attention to your community efforts.
  • Educational Materials for Empowerment – we create materials that bring everyone in a discussion onto the same page, so that public meetings can convey key points efficiently and help people express what their communities need.