Project: Citizens’ Guides

The Citizen’s Guides to Land Use and to Urban Design are a pair of resources developed for the Foundation for Louisiana to facilitate and expand the dialogue about the future and the character of Louisiana’s communities.
In two related documents, complete with diagrams, illustrations, and photographic examples, they detail essential planning and design concepts. The Citizen’s Guide to Land Use explains the basic concepts of land use planning, land use categories, and how to read a land use map. The Citizen’s Guide to Urban Design explains basic urban design terms and diagrams, walks through a typical design process, and offers entry points to participate in the process. Both guides are meant to serve as a translation tool and common resource for not only community members, but also planning, design and development professionals and public agencies and officials. The Guides both can be downloaded here – selected pages are available in the gallery below.
Kathleen Onufer wrote about the Citizen’s Guides for the MIT CoLab Radio, and they have been shared as a tool at the 2012 American Planning Association Conference as well as the 2012 Association for Community Design Conference.