Research & Evaluation Services

Our staff provides expertise and critical thinking for your program design and evaluation of urban policies. We can help you begin your advocacy or program design process through message development and public engagement, or we can design evaluation techniques to examine how your work has already begun to affect your communities. Choose Miller Urban Consulting for:

  • Quantitative and Qualitative Research: We use cutting-edge research techniques, including online outreach, focus group and user experience testing, transportation modeling, and statistical analysis, to help you design an efficient, effective way to reach your target populations or meet your development goals. Our research is designed to meet your needs and provide a statistically significant result from your target populations.
  • Program Design: We have worked on program designs for housing finance, real estate, and non-profit agencies to determine how to implement programs efficiently. We specialize in combining technological solutions with the personal aspects of door-to-door outreach and case management that remain irreplaceable for reaching and understanding those who cannot easily be contacted through technology.
  • Program Evaluation: We help you develop and monitor key indicators that show your program’s degree of success, whether that program is a shuttle designed to help working class single mothers hold jobs, a workforce program in a subsidized housing development, or a federal grant designated to increase the percentage of low-income residents in a particular job training program. We ensure that your results take all macro- and micro-scale factors into account when measuring success.